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How Can AI-driven Sentiment Analysis Help in Brand Improvement?

Talking to your consumers may help you to understand how they feel about your brand and provide you with information on industry trends and chances for development. On social media, in online reviews, and customer service contacts, customers are continually sharing their thoughts and sentiments about businesses. After all, that’s a lot of unstructured data to deal with.

To stay on top of what consumers are saying about your company, use AI-driven sentiment analysis, which allows you to automatically detect emotional tone in comments and obtain quick, real-time insights from massive amounts of customer data. You may get started right now using ready-to-use AI-driven sentiment analysis tools.

How AI Works For Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis classifies a given text as Positive, Negative, or Neutral, automatically detecting emotions and views. But, exactly, how does it function? It essentially combines the capabilities of two AI subfields:

● Machine learning

● Natural Language Processing

Natural Words Processing (NLP) converts human language into a machine-readable format. It employs both syntactic and semantic approaches to comprehend the structure of a document. Tokenization, lemmatization, and part-of-speech tagging are examples of these approaches.

After the text has been analyzed using natural language processing techniques, it is ready to be classified using machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning helps computers to detect and predict patterns in data. Machine learning algorithms learn from comparable samples rather than explicit instructions.

You must train a model that classifies text by sentiment, given instances of emotions in text. You’ll need a representative number of samples for each tag to increase the accuracy of your model. Each of these samples must be assigned to the appropriate category.

The model learns to link a certain tag with a given input (text) after seeing a few samples. It then uses these characteristics to forecast tags on material that has not yet been viewed.

You can use AI-driven sentiment analysis to tag large amounts of data at once and in real-time. AI-driven analysis models will get wiser as they tag new data, as machine learning algorithms improve with experience.

How To Build A Brand Using Sentiment Analysis

So now you’re ready to improve your long-term marketing effectiveness and elevate your brand’s online visibility. To be sure you’re putting your sentiment analysis to good use, follow these steps:

● Keep An Eye On Social Media

People may openly communicate their views, opinions, and oftentimes criticism on social media. Staying on top of all the social media chatter is a good idea if you want to know what people are saying about your company.

Consumer sentiment on social media is among the most important factors to consider when evaluating your online marketing efforts. It adds dimension to your social media performance monitoring by helping you to comprehend not just the content as well as the context of what people are saying.

Following a few easy steps from Socialbakers’ guide to social media sentiment research, you may uncover your audience’s sentiments towards your business and build a more successful social media marketing plan.

If you are looking for a revolutionary social networking platform, O-Net by ONPASSIVE is an ideal tool. Contact us to know more about the product.

● Improve Client Service

When individuals are having issues, they turn to the internet for assistance and answers. As a result, to gain your audience’s loyalty, it’s critical to present your brand as a useful resource. Your brand will be able to swiftly identify people in need and provide assistance using sentiment analysis.

This is not only a fantastic method to increase your brand’s reputation, but it’s also a guaranteed approach to establish yourself as an industry leader and be the first to join key debates.

● Pay Attention To The Customer’s Voice (VOC)

Listening to consumers’ voices may appear to be a no-brainer, but it’s really where many businesses fall short. VOC should be monitored regularly, with a focus on feedback gathering, data analysis, and action planning.

Sentiment research may assist your company in determining how people are discussing your brand and the most effective method to interact with them.

Use social media listening tools to find out what your customers are saying about your company. This feature ensures that no comment or query gets ignored while promoting a smooth process.


Sentiment analysis can distinguish a wide range of emotions and guide marketers in developing an online strategy and establishing a favourable brand. Understanding customer emotions and product evaluations may provide businesses with a unique perspective on how their consumers feel about them and what they can do to enhance those feelings.

Examining your sentiment analysis is, in many ways, the heartbeat of the brand, just like a doctor would examine a patient’s vitals. It all starts with monitoring the mood that surrounds your brand to keep a healthy business and pleased consumers.

  • How AI Influences VPN Security

    Artificial Intelligence can act as humans do with creative human experiences fed into its system. AI enables VPN systems can ensure businesses more security with unrestricted data access.

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the human intelligence fed into the systems to work as humans think and act. Don’t you think such systems are profitable in any field for performing work? In the current instance, they are dependent on humans to a certain extent. However, shortly things will change, and a time comes when we find AI systems act more intelligently with less human guidance.

    How about security? No business serves without ensuring security. It is a vital point that businesses need to attend to. If the systems are prone to insecurity, there would be a massive loss of money and reputation. So, businesses are advised to adopt security measures to execute the business operations smoothly and generate customer’s trust.

    Now, let us know the role of AI in VPN. Before this, let us have some basic idea about VPN systems and their usage.


    Changing times have invoked the work from a remote location, breaking the traditional systems of attending the office. Such instances require a complete set up including both the hardware and software, for a seamless workflow. Above all, what concerns any business is the security factor. No worries! The VPN technology developed can ensure data security.

    What does VPN do?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN system ensures that the network activities stay protected while using any public network.

    VPN encrypts internet activities and ensures that the identity that you possess online is encrypted. By this, an outsider cannot track your online data. Thus, it prevents the chances of data being stolen.

    With this basic idea, let us plunge into knowledge about the role of AI for VPN. How is it different from the regular usage of VPN?

    AI and VPN security

    Apart from the regular VPN activities, the AI-enabled VPNs have proved more innovative to safeguard against threats and insecurity. VPN industries are going ahead by adopting AI for more enhanced and effective features.

    AI is the most sought after technology for identifying any crime content. Significantly, the popular social media channels have incorporated AI systems to detect threats. Even worldwide nations have adopted AI into their systems to ban the content that harms their religious and cultural values.

    Technology is a step ahead to act against VPNs. Anti VPN systems have been built with AI that helps tracks the IP addresses of the VPN systems. So, it is now time to improve VPN systems and make them more effective in counteracting against anti VPN systems and stay successful by not letting the IP address be tracked.

    What can secured Artificial Intelligence VPNs do?

    VPNs have enabled people to work from home during global crises. The common complaint while using a VPN network is the slow internet. It will is no longer a problem with Artificial Intelligence that directs the users to connect to the server close to their locations. This way, the internet speed is not hindered but is fast and efficient.

    Effective choice of VPN sources can make the difference

    Choosing an effective VPN matters. ONPASSIVE has come up with AI-enabled products to meet various requirements. One such product is O-Virtual. Some of its significant features include the following:

    • User tracking remains tough through hidden IP address
    • Get access to restricted data from anywhere in the globe
    • Enjoy secured internet
    • Reviews the quality of the connections and hinders them if not found genuine
    • Enables easy access across various devices and is compatible with various operating systems
    • No worries about data stealing


    VPN has proved effective for businesses to enjoy a safe and secured network. The AI-enabled VPN systems have been improving day after day to enable tough tracking of user activities.

    Make your businesses secure and safe with O-Virtual.

  • How will revenue attribution help repeat the success of your B2B marketing?

    One of the latest buzzes in the online marketing arena is how revenue attribution will help promote repeat sales to your online business. Revenue attribution is a simple concept that will allow you to track all of your online marketing efforts as they relate to your online business.

    By tracking each of your website’s pages, blogs, email campaigns, website submissions, search engine optimization efforts and other related items, you will be able to measure your return on investment (ROI) in a much more thorough manner.

    In the current times, every business organization needs to look after its finance. If your company does not have a proper system in place for handling its finances, it will lead to many financial issues, which could eventually result in a loss in terms of profit and revenue.

    Revenue attribution plays a crucial role in building up your brand name. Branding helps you stand apart from your competitors, thereby increasing your credibility. A credible brand means a high level of loyalty from the customers. This can only be achieved through effective and efficient revenue attribution.

    How To Use Revenue Attribution To Boost your B2B Online Marketing Efforts?

    One thing to take into account before understanding how to use revenue attribution to promote your B2B marketing and increase profitability is that you must first identify how your company measures up against competitors who have also managed to grow within their industry.

    In many cases, you will most likely face stiff competition. Therefore, you need to focus on ensuring that you are not falling behind any further. This requires ensuring that you understand what other companies in your B2B market are doing and how you can emulate their methods to increase your own company’s profitability.

    The following are few ways that show how to use revenue attribution to promote your B2B marketing efforts:

    Measuring Page Ranking

    Revenue attribution can be very beneficial for B2B and B2B growth with a proper understanding of how it works. There are two main elements involved in revenue measurement, which are defined in online marketing. These two elements are page ranking and direct linking.

    Regarding page ranking, your site’s ranking is determined by several things, including the frequency of visits, the keywords used to promote the site and the amount of content on the site.

    All of these factors play an important role in determining your site’s ranking and the ability of your B2B business to attract visitors and potential customers. An excellent way to begin understanding how revenue attribution works are to think of it as a system that ranks your site in order of importance.

    Utilize The Power Of Direct Linking 

    Another significant benefit of revenue attribution to help promote your online B2B business relates to direct linking. Direct linking involves sites that link to your business or link to your website but do not have you as a website owner as a target.

    To encourage more people to link to your blog or another website, you need to create content that people will find interesting to read and link to. One great way to do this is to think about what you would like to see on your site or blog. Would you like to see a long list of links to other similar blogs?

    Using relevant keywords written on a post that mentions your product or site can be a great way to use hyperlinks. These strategies will help promote your business and increase your website traffic.

    Write Informative Articles About Your Business 

    Another great way to ensure that you have a constant flow of targeted traffic coming to your website is to write a well-written article. Some of the article directories allow you to add a resource box to your article that contains information about yourself, your business, and links back to your site.

    This is a great way to advertise your site and share valuable information with the readers of the article. The more quality articles you submit, the better chance you have of increasing traffic to your website.

    While there are a variety of other ways that to use revenue attribution to increase the amount of website traffic received by your business, writing more articles can be a great form of B2B marketing as people can find you just by doing a simple search on any search engine. With every article that you write, the chances of having people click on your links increase dramatically.

    Use Pay per Click Advertising 

    There are many ways to use revenue attribution in order to increase your profit. One of the simplest methods is to use pay per click advertising, which can be very effective if you carefully target your market.

    Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It is a way of online marketing in which advertisers pay a certain amount each time one of their ads gets clicked. In other words, it is a way of buying visits to your website rather than attempting to earn these visits organically.

    Another option is to write and distribute press releases. These both tend to be highly competitive, so marketers may need to experiment with them a little bit to see what works best for your business. However, it is essential to ensure that you can measure how effective these methods are in driving traffic to your site and in helping boost your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

    There are numerous ways in which revenue attribution can help make sure that you rank at or near the top for your niche. This will only increase your chances of earning a more significant income and keeping your online business afloat. There are many benefits of gaining increased amounts of traffic and more visitors to your site as it ultimately leads to your B2B success and increases the chances of repeat sales.


    Revenue attribution can easily be implemented in your business in several ways. You can first decide on a standard set of metrics that you want to use. You can also come up with your own set of metrics that will measure the performance of your sales process.

    Using revenue attribution is all about understanding how to promote your business and being consistent with your marketing efforts.

    By consistently improving upon your B2B marketing efforts and expanding your horizons, your business will thrive. However, marketers should ensure they take full advantage of all the various resources available and continually seek out new ways to increase profits for your business.

  • The Key Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

    Live chat is a great way for businesses to build long-term relationships with customers because When customers feel valued they tend to return to your businesses.

    Customer service is vital for any business and plays a crucial role in building a solid customer base, thereby allowing companies to flourish and develop further. With digitization, the competition is growing stronger every day with increasing buyer empowerment.

    Today’s online customer service industry is evolving at a very fast pace. This means that customer service representatives are quickly becoming overwhelmed with customer inquiries and will need some help in dealing with them.

    Live chat support software is the perfect solution to the problem because it allows the representative to go into the chat session as soon as a customer request comes in. Businesses that provide these services can increase their customer base substantially once they begin offering these services on their website.

    Live chat has become an integral part of a good customer experience in this digital age because it allows businesses to connect with customers seamlessly in real-time. This unique set of characteristics distinguishes live chat from all other customer support channels and can positively impact business success. In addition, live chat helps increase sales for businesses which is an added advantage.

    What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat Support For Businesses?

    the following are key benefits of live chat support that shows the importance of this channel for customer support:

    Live Chat Helps Businesses Get A Higher ROI 

    Businesses always look for cost-effective customer service solutions. Live chat is undoubtedly one of them. Although connecting through Phone and email have been means of customer support for many years, it takes a lot of time and resources to keep up with these setups, and they come with several problems like wait times.

    On the other hand, live chat tools are comparatively cheap and more convenient to implement while providing extra benefits to businesses, thereby making it a superior communication channel.

    Offering real-time customer service and an opportunity to address multiple queries at once enable businesses to saves time, labour and additional costs.

    Live Chat Is More Convenient 

    Live chat is undoubtedly one of the great channels for customer support and is convenient for many reasons. The channel allows customers to directly connect with support executives or agents without dialling so many numbers through phone calls.

    In addition, the wait time in live chat is negligible compared to other means of customer support and enables customers to multitask. While customer queries can be resolved quickly, live chat support also allows keeping the conversation for future references.

    Therefore, customers feel Live chat is a convenient option because their queries can be solved almost instantly, thereby making it the best channel for customer support that a website can offer.

    Live Chat Increases Sales 

    Live chat is a great way to boost the online sales of a business. Most customers look for some support when they are making an online transaction. This is why most people these days prefer buying from websites with live chat, as they can get queries answered quickly on the spot. Therefore, having Live chat support during checkout helps businesses increase conversion rates.

    Therefore, live chat is considered a great channel to deliver the best possible customer experience and plays a crucial role in increasing sales for your business.

    Live Chat Provides Businesses With a Competitive Advantage 

    Another significant advantage that live chat brings is providing businesses with a competitive advantage. This means that, eventually, businesses cannot afford to miss out on using this channel for customer support.

    In future, brands without live chat will become a thing of the past. Therefore businesses need to prioritize this channel and make live chat and quality customer service the core of their identity. Once businesses start implementing live chat efficiently, the next step is finding the tools to create leads and convert them into loyal customers.

    Live Chat Builds Long-term Relationships With Customers 

    Building long-term relationships with customers are becoming an absolute necessity for the sustainability of businesses because it improves customer experience and increases satisfaction.

    Satisfied customers are less likely to switch to your competitors. A poor customer support experience can result in losing customers. Therefore, creating a great experience and Providing superior customer support with live chat on their first visit helps businesses increase their customer loyalty.

    Therefore, Live chat is an excellent way for businesses to build long-term relationships with customers because When customers feel valued, they tend to return to your business.


    Live chat allows businesses to close deals with customers more efficiently, thereby providing them with a competitive advantage. Therefore, businesses need to get live chat support for their website and adopt a customer-friendly approach to provide them with a top-notch customer service experience.

    Live chat features like autotranslations remove language barriers and help businesses offer customers optimized and multilingual support, thereby enabling businesses to attract global customers and increase conversion rates.